Journal of the Canadian Historical Association

Volume 19, Number 2, 2008 “Migration, Place, and Identity” Migration, lieu et identité

Table of contents (8 articles)

History and the Web: Migration, Ethnicity, and Identity / L’Histoire et le web: migration, ethnicité et identité

  1. Citystats and the History of Community and Segregation in Post-Second World War Urban Canada

Migrations of Empire: Comparative Studies of Colonialism, Religion, and Gender / Migrations au sein des empires : études comparatives du colonialisme, de la religion et du genre

  1. “That we may obtain our religious liberty…”: Aboriginal Women, Faith and Rights in Early Twentieth Century Victoria, Australia*
  2. Between religion and empire: Sarah Selwyn’s Aotearoa/New Zealand, Eton and Lichfield, England, c.1840s-1900
  3. Creating Interracial Intimacies: British North America, Canada, and the Transatlantic World, 1830–1914
  4. Missionaries as Newcomers: A Comparative Study of the Northwest Pacific Coast and Central Australia

Asian Migrations to Vancouver / Migration asiatique à Vancouver

  1. The Re-creation of Vancouver’s Japanese Community, 1945–2008
  2. Koreans in Vancouver: A Short History
  3. An Empirical Study of Recent Mainland Chinese Migration to Vancouver

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