Journal of Canadian Labour Studies
Le Travail
Revue d’Études Ouvrières Canadiennes

Volume 83, Spring 2019

Table of contents (30 articles)

Front Matter

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Contributors / Collaborateurs


  1. “Canada Needs All Our Food-Power”: Industrial Nutrition in Canada, 1941–1948
  2. The Struggle for Rights at Work: The United Electrical Workers, Contract Enforcement, and the Limits of Grievance Arbitration at Canadian General Electric and Westinghouse Canada, 1940s to 1960s
  3. More Dangerous Than Many a Pamphlet or Propaganda Book: The Ukrainian Canadian Left, Theatre, and Propaganda in the 1920s

Research Notes / Notes de Recherche

  1. “Maybe We Shouldn’t Laugh So Loud”: The Hostility and Welcome Experienced by Foreign Nurses on Temporary Work Permits in Nova Scotia, Canada
  2. Le travail gestionnaire comme psychopolitique au service de la transformation sociale du Québec : une étude du journal Les Affaires, 1928–1933

Controversy / Polémique

  1. Settler Colonialism and Labour Studies in Canada: A Preliminary Exploration
  2. The Settler Order Framework: Rethinking Canadian Working-Class History

Presentation / Présentation

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

  1. Barry Eidlin, Labor and the Class Idea in the United States and Canada
  2. Karl Heinz Roth, ed., On the Road to Global Labour History: A Festschrift for Marcel van der Linden
  3. Joan Sangster, One Hundred Years of Struggle: The History of Women and the Vote in Canada
  4. Dominique Clément, Human Rights in Canada: A History
  5. John F. Conway, The Prairie Populist: George Hara Williams and the Untold Story of the CCF
  6. Christabelle Sethna and Steve Hewitt, Just Watch Us: RCMP Surveillance of the Women’s Liberation Movement in Cold War Canada
  7. Mark R. Leeming, In Defence of Home Places: Environmental Activism in Nova Scotia
  8. Matthew Hild, Arkansas’s Gilded Age: The Rise, Decline, and Legacy of Populism and Working-Class Protest
  9. Jefferson Cowie, The Great Exception: The New Deal and the Limits of American Politics
  10. Emily E. LB. Twarog, Politics of the Pantry: Housewives, Food, and Consumer Protest in Twentieth-Century America
  11. Jim Clifford, West Ham and the River Lea: A Social and Environmental History of London’s Industrialized Marshland, 1839–1914
  12. Fabrice Bensimon, Quenton Deluermoz, and Jeanne Moisand, eds., “Arise Ye Wretched of the Earth”: The First International in a Global Perspective
  13. Neville Kirk, Transnational Radicalism and the Connected Lives of Tom Mann and Robert Samuel Ross
  14. Bridget Kenny, Retail Worker Politics, Race and Consumption in South Africa: Shelved in the Service Economy
  15. Valeria Vegh Weis, Marxism and Criminology: A History of Criminal Selectivity

Research News / Nouvelles sur la recherche

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