Labour Journal of Canadian Labour Studies Le Travail Revue d’Études Ouvrières Canadiennes

Managing editor(s): Bryan D. Palmer, James Naylor, Alvin Finkel, Andrew Parnaby, Irene Whitfield


Labour/Le Travail is the official, semi-annual publication of the Canadian Committee on Labour History. Since it began publishing in 1976, it has carried many important articles in the field of working-class history, industrial sociology, labour economics, and labour relations. Although primarily interested in a historical perspective on Canadian workers, the journal is interdisciplinary in scope. In addition to articles, the journal features documents, conference reports, an annual bibliography of materials in Canadian labour studies, review essays, and reviews. While the main focus of the journal's articles is Canadian, the review essays and reviews consider international work of interest to Canadian labour studies. Many of Labour's articles are illustrated and each issue is book length, averaging 350 pages an issue.


Kathy Killoh
Managing Editor
Athabasca University Press
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Editorial board

Editors / Directeurs

Charles Smith, St. Thomas More College, University of Saskatchewan, Canada

Joan Sangster, Trent University, Canada

Greg Kealey, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Editor’s Advisory Committee / Comité consultatif de rédaction

David Camfield, University of Manitoba, Canada

Alvin Finkel, Athabasca University, Canada

Andrew Parnaby, University College of Cape Breton, Canada

Jeff Taylor, University of Manitoba, Canada

English Review Editor / Responsable des comptes rendus anglais

James Naylor, Brandon University, Canada

French Review Editor / Responsable des comptes rendus en français

Geoffrey Ewen, Collège universitaire Glendon / Glendon College

Journal Coordinator / Coordonnatrice à la revue

Kathy M Killoh, Journals and Digital Coordinator, Athabasca University Press, Canada

Journal Assistants / Adjointes à la revue

Linda Kadis, Athabasca University Press, Canada

Karyn Wisselink, Athabasca University Press, Canada

International Advisory Board / Conseil Consultatif international

Verity Burgmann, University of Melbourne, Australia

Alan Campbell, University of Liverpool, United Kingdom

Sidney Chalhoub, Universidade Estadual Campinas, Brazil

Alice Kessler-Harris, Columbia University, United States

Neville Kirk, Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom

Silke Neunsinger, Labour Movement Archives and Library, Sweden

Sheila Rowbotham, Manchester University, United Kingdom

Christopher Tomlins, University of California - Irvine, United States

Marcel Van der Linden, International Institute of Social History, Netherlands

Founding Editor

Greg Kealey, University of New Brunswick, Canada

Editorial Board / Comité de rédaction

Kendra Coulter, Brock University, Canada

Geoffrey Ewen, Collège universitaire Glendon / Glendon College

David Frank, University of New Brunswick-Fredericton, Canada

Rhonda Hinther, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Canada

Betsy Jameson, University of Calgary, Canada

Esyllt Jones, University of Manitoba, Canada

Tom Langford, University of Calgary, Canada

Belinda Leach, University of Guelph, Canada

Raymond Léger, Canadian Union of Public Employees, Canada

Mark Leier, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Todd McCallum, Dalhousie University, Canada

Peter McInnis, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada

James Naylor, Brandon University, Canada

Barbara Neis, Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

Carolyn Podruchny, York University, Canada

Sean Purdy, Universidade de Saõ Paulo, Brazil

Richard Rajala, University of Victoria, Canada

Jacques Rouillard, University of Montreal, Canada

Larry Savage, Brock University, Canada

Jim Stanford, Canadian Auto Workers Union, Canada

Mark Thomas, York University, Canada

Warren “Smokey” Thomas, Ontario Public Service Employees Union, Canada

Steven Tufts, York University, Canada

Leah Vosko, York University, Canada

Peter Way, University of Windsor, Canada

Charlotte Yates, McMaster University, Canada