Labour / Le Travail

Volume 64, 2009

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  1. « Barrer la voie au syndicalisme » :: les manœuvres de l’État québécois contre la Société bienveillante des journaliers de navires de Québec et les autres sociétés de secours mutuel, 1869–1899
  2. Understanding the Dictatorship of the Proletariat:: The Canadian Left and the Moment of Socialist Possibility in 1919
  3. From Invisibility to Equality? Women Workers and the Gendering of Workers’ Compensation in Ontario, 1900–2005

Research Notes / Notes de Recherche

Presentations / Présentations

  1. Forum on Labour and the Economic Crisis:: Can the Union Movement Rise to the Occasion?
  2. Holding the Line in the Canadian Pulp and Paper Industry: Priority #1: Draw a Line in the Sand to Defend Past Gains
  3. Pushing the Envelope: Defining and Fighting for a Living Wage: Priority #2: Demand More From the System, Not Less, Despite the Crisis
  4. Employment Insurance: Liberal Design, but Harper’s Downfall? Priority #3: Set Winnable Goals, and Mobilize to Win Them
  5. The Successful Campaign for a $10 Minimum Wage: Priority #4: Build Cross-Sectoral Alliances to Win Things for ALL Workers
  6. Private-Sector and Public-Sector Workers are in this Together: Priority #5: Rebuild Active Solidarity Within the Labour Movement
  7. Workers Need their own Story Line: Priority #6: Political-Economy Training for Labour Leaders and Activists
  8. Organizing in a Global City: Priority #7: Build a Multi-Racial and Inclusive Labour Movement
  9. PMP Stands for “Politicize, Mobilize, and Power”: Priority #8: Integrate Unemployed Workers (Union and Non-Union) into the Fightback
  10. That was Then, and This is Now: Socialist Reflections on Responding to Capitalist Crises: Priority #9: Build a Socialist Left, Inside and Outside of the Unions

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