Volume 1, 1976

Table of contents (8 articles)

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  1. Most Uncommon Common Men: : Craft and Culture in Historical Perspective
  2. "The Honest Working Man" and Workers' Control: : The Experience of Toronto Skilled Workers, 1860-1892
  3. Le Quebec et le Congres de Berlin, 1902
  4. Artisans, Aristocrats and Handymen: : Politics and Trade Unionism among Toronto Skilled Building Trades Workers, 1896-1914
  5. Aperçu de la Condition Ouvriere a Quebec (1896-1914)
  6. "Yours In Revolt": : The Socialist Party of Canada and the Western Canadian Labour Movement
  7. A Place in the Sun: : The Industrial Council at Massey-Harris, 1919-1929
  8. To The Dartmouth Station: : A Worker's Eye View of Labour History

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