Volume 80, 2017 

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  1. Fractures and Alliances : Labour Relations and Work Experiences in Construction
  2. Who's on Secondary? : The Impact of Temporary Foreign Workers on Alberta Construction Employment Patterns
  3. The Christian Labour Association of Canada (CLAC) : Between company and Populist Unionism
  4. The Right to Build the City: : Can Community Benefits Agreements Bring Employement Equity to the Construction Sector?
  5. Les syndicats internationaux dans l’industrie de la construction au Québec (1887–1930)
  6. A New Scale of Activism : Canadian Unions and the North American Free Trade Agreement, 1992–1999
  7. “A Colourful Crowning Ceremony” : Images of Class, Gender, and Beauty in World War II-Era Canadian Communism
  8. Canada’s Foreign Enlistment Act and the Spanish Civil War
  9. Organized Labour, Campaign Finance, and the Politics of Strategic Voting in Ontario

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Left Marginalia : The Radical Imagination in Postwar America
  2. The Work of Empire : Current Directions in Transnational Labour History

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  1. Annual General Meeting Canadian Committee on Labour History Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, 30 May 2017

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