Labour/Le Travailleur

Volume 38, 1996

Table of contents (14 articles)

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  1. Maps


  1. Comparative Labour History: Austrailia and Canada


  1. Nineteenth-Century Canada and Australia: The Paradoxes of Class Formation
  2. Gender, Race, and Policy: Aboriginal Women and the State in Canada and Australia
  3. Women and Wage Labour in Australia and Canada, 1880-1980
  4. Immigration and Labour: Australia and Canada Compared
  5. Workers' Welfare: Labour and the Welfare State in 20th-century Australia and Canada
  6. Rural and Urban Labour Processes: A Comparative Analysis of Australian and Canadian Development
  7. Workers' Education in Australia and Canada: A Comparative Approach to Labour's Cultural History
  8. Union Structure and Strategy in Australia and Canada
  9. Labour and Politics in Canada and Australia: Towards a Comparative Approach to Developments to 1960
  10. Postscript: Comparative Reseach and the 'New World Order'

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