Volume 15, 1985

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs


  1. Wage Labour and the Transition to Capitalism: : A Critique of Pentland
  2. The Communist Party and the Woman Question, 1922-1929
  3. The Malaise of Compulsory Conciliation: : Strike Prevention in Canada during World War II


  1. Hired Men: : Ontario Agricultural Wage Labour in Historical Perspective
  2. "She Was Skipper of the Shore-Crew:" : Notes on the History of the Sexual Division of Labour in Newfoundland
  3. Socialism, Internationalism, and the Australian Labour Movement

Research Reports / Rapports de Recherche

  1. Les Catégories socio-professionnelles: : une nouvelle grille de classement

Research Reports / Rapports De Recherche

  1. The Maritime History Group and the History of Seafaring Labour

Work Poetry / Poésie de Travail

  1. Work Poetry / Poésie de Travail

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Images of Ideology and the Ideology of Imagery
  2. The Janus Face of Fruits of Merchant Capital

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

  1. Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Book Notes / Références Bibliographiques

  1. Book Notes / Références Bibliographiques

Abstracts / Résumés

  1. Abstracts / Résumés

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