Volume 43, 1999

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Contributors / Collaborateurs

  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs


  1. The Moral Economy of the Commons: Ecology and Equity in the Newfoundland Cod Fishery, 1815-1855
  2. Unfair Masters and Rascally Servants? Labour Relations Among Bourgeois, Clerks and Voyageurs in the Montréal Fur Trade, 1780-1821
  3. Art and Industrial Society: The Role of the Toronto Mechanic's Institute in the Promotion of Art, 1831-1883

Research Reports / Notes de Recherche

  1. The Workingmen's Protective Association, Victoria, B.C., 1878: Racism, Intersectionality and Status Politics
  2. Les conséquences des changements administratifs et technologiques sur l'organisation du travail à l'usine Fraser d'Edmundston au Nouveau-Brunswick, 1947-1974
  3. Gestion Intégrale de la Qualité: univers des acteurs et contexte d'innovation


  1. The Mill: A Worker's Memoir from 1945 to 1948

Review Essays / Notes Critiques

  1. Analyzing the history of Women's Politics in the Shadow of the Millennium
  2. The Remaking of the Japanese Working Class
  3. Losing the Hearts and Minds, or How Clio Disappeared from Canadian Public Schools
  4. Is U.S. Labor Changing as Fast as the Workplace?

Review / Comptes Rendus

  1. Review / Comptes Rendus

Book Notes / References Bibliographiques

  1. Book Notes / References Bibliographiques

Notebook / Carnet

  1. Notebook / Carnet


  1. An Index to Labour / Le Travail,Volumes 41 and 42, 1998

Abstracts / Résumé

  1. Abstracts / Résumé

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