Man and Nature
L'homme et la nature

Volume 8, 1989

Table of contents (15 articles)

  1. Preface / Acknowledgements
  2. Liberty is My Due: Don Juan and Free Thought in the ancien régime
  3. Bourgeois Morality and Aristocratic Libertinism in the Comédie Larmoyante of La Chaussée
  4. Liberté, libertinage et despotisme chez Mirabeau
  5. Prophetic Discourse and the Voice of Protest: The Vindication of Anne Wentworth
  6. The Complete Female: Musical 'Accomplishment' in the Late Eighteenth Century
  7. Libertinage, folie, utopie, liberté : les Amours du Chevalier de Faublas
  8. The Camera Obscura or the Optics of Realism
  9. Marivaux's 'Libertinage d’Idées' in Le Spectateur Français
  10. Jonathan Richardson's 'Hymn to God'
  11. Lavoisier, Priestley, and the Philosophes: Epistemic and Linguistic Dimensions to the Chemical Revolution
  12. David Williams and the Margaret Street Chapel
  13. Rhétorique Féministe et Liberté Personnelle
  14. The British Discovery of Sicily: Western Greeks and Liberty
  15. Libertinage et Révolution : Les Romans du Marquis de Sade

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