Journal des traducteurs

Volume 43, Number 4, décembre 1998 L'approche basée sur le corpus The Corpus-based Approach

Table of contents (15 articles)

  • The Corpus-based Approach: A New Paradigm in Translation Studies
  • Réexplorer la langue de la traduction : une approche par corpus
  • Corpus-based Interpreting Studies as an Offshoot of Corpus-based Translation Studies
  • Translation Studies and Representative Corpora: Establishing Links between Translation Corpora, Theoretical/Descriptive Categories and a Conception of the Object of Study
  • Creatures of Habit? What Translators Usually Do with Words
  • Syntax, Readability and Ideology in Children's Literature
  • Love thy Neighbour: Will Parallel Corpora Endear Linguists toTranslators?
  • A Computer-assisted Approach to the Analysis of Translation Shifts
  • Core Patterns of Lexical Use in a Comparable Corpus of English Narrative Prose
  • In Search of the Third Code: An Investigation of Norms in Literary Translation
  • Word Order and the First Person Singular in Portuguese and English
  • Contrastive Linguistics, Translation, and Parallel Corpora
  • Bilingual Comparable Corpora and the Training of Translators
  • Using Specialized Monolingual Native-Language Corpora as a Translation Resource: A Pilot Study
  • Computerized Corpora and the Future of Translation Studies
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