Journal des traducteurs
Translators' Journal

Volume 43, Number 4, décembre 1998 L'approche basée sur le corpus The Corpus-based Approach

Table of contents (15 articles)

  1. The Corpus-based Approach: A New Paradigm in Translation Studies
  2. Réexplorer la langue de la traduction : une approche par corpus
  3. Corpus-based Interpreting Studies as an Offshoot of Corpus-based Translation Studies
  4. Translation Studies and Representative Corpora: Establishing Links between Translation Corpora, Theoretical/Descriptive Categories and a Conception of the Object of Study
  5. Creatures of Habit? What Translators Usually Do with Words
  6. Syntax, Readability and Ideology in Children's Literature
  7. Love thy Neighbour: Will Parallel Corpora Endear Linguists toTranslators?
  8. A Computer-assisted Approach to the Analysis of Translation Shifts
  9. Core Patterns of Lexical Use in a Comparable Corpus of English Narrative Prose
  10. In Search of the Third Code: An Investigation of Norms in Literary Translation
  11. Word Order and the First Person Singular in Portuguese and English
  12. Contrastive Linguistics, Translation, and Parallel Corpora
  13. Bilingual Comparable Corpora and the Training of Translators
  14. Using Specialized Monolingual Native-Language Corpora as a Translation Resource: A Pilot Study
  15. Computerized Corpora and the Future of Translation Studies

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