Journal des traducteurs
Translators’ Journal

Volume 56, Number 3, September 2011

Table of contents (20 articles)

  1. Présentation
  2. La retraduction de Huckleberry Finn : Huck a-t-il (enfin) trouvé sa voix ?
  3. Traduire le « huis-clos mental » : étrangeté et discours de la folie dans trois traductions de The Yellow Wallpaper de Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  4. Dwarfs in Giants’ Lands: Some Observations on Translating Minor Literatures into High-Impact Cultures – The Case of Slovene Literature in Italy
  5. Ezra Pound’s The River Merchant’s Wife: Representations of a Decontextualized “Chineseness”
  6. Translating Breaches of Intersubjective Constraints on Interaction: the Case of Swearing in Roddy Doyle’s Novel The Commitments
  7. Jordanian Folkloric Songs in Translation: Mousa’s Song They Have Passed by Without a Company as a Case Study
  8. Quelles stratégies adopter face aux mimétiques coréens ?
  9. The Wild Things in Japanese: Markedness, Rhythm and Cultural Acceptance
  10. Traducción como red colaborativa hacia la subalternidad (Benítez, Ortese y Macciocchi: un caso de empoderamiento y affidamento en traducción)
  11. A Cognitive Model of Chinese Word Segmentation for Machine Translation
  12. Creating Coherence in Audio Description

Études et prospectives

  1. “Creative Shifts” as a Means of Measuring and Promoting Translational Creativity
  2. Knowledge Structure and Training of Translation Teachers: An Exploratory Study of Doctoral Programmes of Translation Studies in Hong Kong
  3. Reliability and Validity of a Scale-based Assessment for Translation Tests


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