Judicial Audiences: A Case Study of Justice David Watt’s Literary Judgments

  • Elaine Craig

Associate Professor, Dalhousie University. The author thanks Alice Woolley, Constance Backhouse, David Tanovich, Philip Anisman, Jocelyn Downie, Archie Kaiser, and Richard Devlin for their comments and feedback on an earlier draft of this paper. Thank-you to Emily Wang for the excellent research assistance. I would also like to thank the anonymous reviewers who assessed this article and provided insightful suggestions for improvement.

Citation: (2018) 64:2 McGill LJ 309

Référence : (2018) 64:2 RD McGill 309

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Cover of Volume 64, Number 2, December 2018, pp. 213-414, McGill Law Journal / Revue de droit de McGill