Ontario History

Volume 109, Number 2, Fall 2017 

Table of contents (17 articles)


  1. Alex Grant and the Big Ditch : Building the Welland Ship Canal
  2. “The place is a prison, and you can’t change it” : Rehabilitation, Retraining, and Soldiers’ Re-Establishment at Speedwell Military Hospital, Guelph. 1911-1921
  3. ’Free from all possibility of historical error’ : Orillia’s Champlain Monument, French-English Relations, and Indigenous (Mis)Representations in Commemorative Sculpture
  4. Sharing the Land at Moose Factory in 1763

Book Reviews

  1. From Huronia to Wendakes: Adversity, Migrations, and Resilience 1650-1900, Edited by Thomas Peace and Kathryn Magee Labelle
  2. Time Travel: Tourism and the Rise of the Living History Museum in Mid-Twentieth-Century Canada by Alan Gordon
  3. Dr. Oronhyatekha: Security, Justice, and Equality by Keith Jamieson and Michelle A. Hamilton
  4. The Heroic Age of Diving: America’s Underwater Pioneers and the Great Shipwrecks of Lake Erie by Jerry Kuntz
  5. Trudeaumania by Paul Litt
  6. CreatingCanada’s Peacekeeping Past by Colin McCullough
  7. Masters of Empire: Great Lakes Indians and the Making of America by Michael McDonnell
  8. Powering Up Canada: A History of Power, Fuel, and Energy from 1600 by R.W. Sandwell
  9. The Iconic North: Cultural Constructions of Aboriginal Life in Postwar Canada by Joan Sangster
  10. Sister Soldiers of the Great War: The Nurses of the Canadian Army Medical Corps by Cynthia Toman
  11. Making a Scene: Lesbians and Community Across Canada, 1964-84 by Liz Millward


  1. What Evil Felled the Duke? A Followup Comment
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