Ontario History

Managing editor(s): Thorold J. Tronrud (Editor)


Ontario History is a peer-reviewed scholarly journal that is published bi-annually by the Ontario Historical Society. Ontario's premier history journal, it discusses a wide variety of topics relating to the province's past.

Articles cover a wide range of historical subjects including, but not exclusive to, politics, intellectual history, First Nations, gender history, business, urban themes, agriculture, archaeology, military history, biography, recreation, architecture, religion, and ethnic history.

In 1899, the Ontario Historical Society published the first issue of Ontario History, then titled Papers and Records. What began primarily as an effort to preserve important documentary sources has evolved over the past century to become today's scholarly peer-reviewed journal, publishing new research and scholarship on topics related to all aspects of Ontario's diverse heritage. To read more about that evolution, click here (opens a PDF).

Ontario History is indexed in the Canadian Periodical Index, Historical Abstracts and America: History and Life.


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Dr. Tory Tronrud foxlort@tbaytel.net

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The Ontario Historical Society
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Editorial policy and ethics

Those interested in submitting an article to Ontario History should contact the Editor at foxlort@tbaytel.net.

View or download the Ontario History submission guidelines and style sheet.

Peer Review Policy

Manuscripts will be peer reviewed and evaluated on the following criteria:

  1. appropriateness to the journal’s mandate
  2. significance to Ontario’s history
  3. originality
  4. quality of sources
  5. depth of analysis, and
  6. strength of presentation.

If a manuscript is accepted for publication, major changes will be cleared with authors before publication. Manuscripts may be accepted pending revisions (major or minor), or may be rejected as unsuitable. For further information please contact the Editor.

Policy on Copyright and Self-Archiving

The author assigns copyright to the Ontario Historical Society. The Society will agree in writing to any reasonable request by the author to use part or all of the work, provided that suitable acknowledgement of the Society is made.

The Society permits the author to share the accepted manuscript of the work no sooner than 12 months after publication by the Society via a non-commercial hosting platform such as an institutional repository. In such cases, the author must include a full citation to the published work and a direct link (Digital Object Identifier [DOI]) to the published work on the journal website (Érudit). The author is not permitted to post the Society’s PDF version of the published work online. Instead, the author may post a direct link to the article published in the online version of the journal.

Anti-Plagiarism Policy

Ontario History rejects all forms of plagiarism. Plagiarism occurs if one intentionally copies another's work, in whole or in part, and presents it as one's own. Plagiarism also includes copying one's own work that has been published elsewhere, without making reference to the original publication (self-plagiarism). For how to cite others' work, please refer to the Ontario History submission guidelines and style sheet.

Prior to publication, authors are required to sign a document warranting that the work submitted was created solely by the author, is wholly original to the author, and is the product of the exercise of the author's skill and judgment. 

Manuscripts submitted to Ontario History are checked for plagiarism. If plagiarism is detected the Journal will immediately contact the author, who must either re-write the text or correctly cite the author's sources with precise references. Substantial plagiarism (more than 20% of the text) will result in automatic rejection of the article and prohibition of the author from publishing in Ontario History. Plagiarism detected after publication will result in the withdrawal of the article from the Journal and prohibition of the author from publishing in Ontario History.


Ontario History is permanently archived by Portico.

Editorial board

EditorOntario History
Dr. Tory Tronrud foxlort@tbaytel.net

Book Review EditorOntario History
Dr. Alison Norman

Editorial Advisory Committee:
Jan Noel, Toronto
Carmela Patrias, St. Catharines
Ian Radforth, Toronto
Laurie Leclair, Toronto
Mark Kuhlberg, Sudbury
Debra Nash-Chambers, Guelph
Cynthia Comacchio, Waterloo
Brad E.S. Rudachyk, Barrie
Randall White, Toronto