Ontario History

Volume 99, Number 1, Spring 2007 Forging Freedom: In Honour of the Bicentenary of the British Abolition of the Atlantic Slave Trade Guest-edited by Karolyn Smardz Frost

Table of contents (22 articles)

  1. Greetings from Mike Colle
  2. Message from Jean Augustine
  3. Introduction


  1. Acts of Resistance: Black Men and Women Engage Slavery in Upper Canada, 1793-1803
  2. The case of Isaac Brown: fugitive slave
  3. From Immigrant to Establishment: A Black Family’s Journey
  4. Communities of Resistance: African Canadians and African Americans in Antebellum Toronto
  5. Blacks in 1880s Toronto: The Search for Equality
  6. No “Back Alley Clique”: The campaign to desegregate Chatham’s public schools, 1891-1893
  7. Ushering children away from a “light grey world”: Dr. Daniel Hill III and his pursuit of a respectable Black Canadian community
  1. Archival Sources: Treasures from Ontario's Archives

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