Ontario History

Volume 112, Number 2, Fall 2020 Special Issue: Ontario’s Environmental History

Table of contents (16 articles)

  1. Editors’ Introduction: Ontario History


  1. Insecticides, Honey Bee Losses and Beekeeper Advocacy in Nineteenth-Century Ontario
  2. “Who Killed Happy Valley?”: Air Pollution and the Birth of an Ontario Ghost Town, 1969-1974
  3. Diminished Returns: The Registered Trapline System in Northern Ontario
  4. Naagan ge bezhig emkwaan: A Dish with One Spoon Reconsidered
  5. The Smell of Air Pollution: Olfactory Senses and the Odour of Canadian Oil, 1858-1885
  6. “A Forestry Program that Cannot be Equalled in Canada”: Kimberly-Clark’s Extraordinary Silvicultural Project in Northern Ontario, 1928-1976

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