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Volume 19, Number 1, 2010 Guest-edited by Hunter McEwan

Table of contents (9 articles)


  1. Editorial

Articles - Philosophical Tracts

  1. Freire’s Pedagogy of Freedom: Its Contribution to the Development of Ethical Teacher Professionality through the Implementation of the New Zealand Curriculum
  2. Heartmind Literacy: Compassionate Imagining & The Four Brahmavihāras
  3. Higher Education, Globalization and the Critical Emergence of Diversity
  4. Rethinking Combative Dialogue: Comparative Philosophy as a Resource for Examining Models of Dialogue
  5. The Cosmopolitan Turn: Recasting ‘Dialogue’ and ‘Difference’
  6. Educational Policy in the Post-racial Era: Federal Influence on Local Educational Policy in Hawaii
  7. Border Crossings: Dialogue Across and Within Fields and Traditions

Dialogue and Debate

  1. Relevance of Asian Philosophy to Philosophy of Education Today: An Interview with Roger Ames

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