Performance Matters

Volume 6, Number 2, 2020 Sound Acts, Part 1 Guest-edited by Patricia Herrera, Caitlin Marshall and Marci R. McMahon

Table of contents (11 articles)

Editorial Introduction

  1. Sound Acts, Part 1: Calling Back Performance Studies

Hermeneutic Loops: Disrupting the Audio/Visual Litanies

  1. Decolonial Echoes: Voicing and Listening in Rebecca Belmore's Sound Performance
  2. On the Record: Sissieretta Jones and Black Feminist Recording Praxes
  3. Corporeal Sounding: Listening to Bomba Dance, Listening to puertorriqueñxs
  4. ONO Epistemologies—Resounding the “Bleeding Haints”: A Noisy Conversation between P. Michael Grego, travis, and Shannon Rose Riley of ONO

Ear Training

  1. Vocal Colour in Blue: Early Twentieth-Century Black Women Singers as Broadway’s Voice Teachers
  2. Sounding a Crip Aesthetic: Transforming the Sonic in Samuel Beckett’s Not I
  3. Interview with Micha Espinosa and Garrett Johnson

Ethics of Performance and Scholarship

  1. Mourning the Nightingale’s Song: The Audibility of Networked Performances in Protests and Funerals of the Arab Revolutions
  2. Listening Backward: Sonic Intimacies and Cross-Racial, Queer Resonance
  3. Listening to Cambodian Rock Band: An Interview with Lauren Yee and Chay Yew


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