Performance Matters

Volume 9, Number 1-2, 2023 Performing Practice-Based Research Guest-edited by Peter Dickinson and Ellen Waterman

Image Caption: Brent Hardisty, Niiwin Binesi, 2022. Commissioned by Delinquent Theatre for The Seventh Fire, by Lisa Cooke Ravensbergen. Reprinted by permission of the artists.

What is the performative force of practice-based research (PBR)? The contributions to this special double issue of Performance Matters address this question from a range of disciplinary perspectives, research sites, and creative and scholarly outcomes. In so doing, they demonstrate the ways in which PBR is a fitting methodology for our uncertain and precarious times.

Table of contents (33 articles)


PBR and Pedagogy

  1. Making Space: Reading the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada's Report in and Beyond the Classroom through Practice-Based Research
  2. Teaching Student-Centred Podcasting: Practice-Based Research and Relational Ethnic Studies in The Alchemist Manifesto Podcast "The Seeds, the Soil and the Cyber Garden" Series
  3. SJS-Who? Performance Ethnography and a Practice-Based Pedagogy
  4. Practice-Based Pedagogies for Counter-Memorial Performance: Teaching to Address and Shift “Plantation Energy”

PBR and Place

  1. Letters to a Pine: A Video Essay
  2. STRATA: The Research Process in the Making of a Performance-Based Film
  3. Reflecting on Bodily Listening in Place: An Intercultural and Intersensory Research-Creation Project

PBR and Relational Entanglements of Technique

  1. Field Recording, Autoethnography, and the Entanglements of the Heard: Author’s Note and References
  2. Weaving an Artistic Research Methodology
  3. Postmemory: Fragments / Crypt

PBR and Embodied Narratives of Identity

  1. recurrence (in two parts)
  2. Practice-Based Research: Working in Crip Time
  3. Researching Spontaneous Doing: Random Dance as Decolonial Praxis in Dancing Grandmothers

PBR and Communities of Practice/Process

  1. The Participatory Creative Music Hub: Process Over Product
  2. “That’s Not Art, It’s Just Consultation!”: Performing Innovation in Socially Responsive Creative Technologies Research
  3. Creative Process and Co-Research with the Early Years through Flight
  4. Jamaican Sound Systems and Knowledge Systems: Practice-Based Research (PBR) in Popular Culture


  1. Critical Choice in "Documenting" Practice as Research
  2. Speak-to-Write from Multiple Perspectives, as Method
  3. Faire Oeuvre
  4. What Can Music Learning Do? Audiovision as Research-Creation in Undergraduate Music Studies
  5. A Short Report from the Core of Practice-Based Research
  6. Artistic Research: A Vibrant and Ever-Changing Field
  7. Up and Down: The Queer and Affective Potential of (the) Transition (from the Perspectives of a Director, Sound Designer, and Lighting Designer)
  8. Listening Otherwise: Relationalities of the Othered
  9. Practice-Based Research in Three Personal Turns
  10. The Triadic Contours of Ethics in Practice-Based and Interdisciplinary Research
  11. New Directions in Site Performance Practice: Intersecting Methodologies in an Era of Climate Coloniality
  12. Practice-Based Research as Reciprocal Protocol: Constellations of Care in The Seventh Fire


  1. Reorienting Intimacies: Felix Gonzalez-Torres’s First Canadian Solo Exhibition: A Conversation with Rui Mateus Amaral



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