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Romanticism and Victorianism on the Net

Number 50, May 2008

Table of contents (18 articles)


  1. Editing and Noting: Vision and Revisions of Leigh Hunt's Literary Lives
  2. On the Highways of Literature: Herbert Croft’s Unfinished Business
  3. Mingled Measures: Gothic Parody in Tales of Wonder and Tales of Terror
  4. “A Logic of Its Own”: Repetition in Coleridge’s “Christabel”
  5. Enchanted Archive: Influence, Dissemination, and Media Transformation in Shelley’s “Ode to the West Wind”
  6. Wordsworth and Emerson: Aurora Borealis and the Question of Influence
  7. ‘Monk’ Lewis’ “The Isle of Devils” and the Perils of Colonialism
  8. The “Peculiar Light” of Blakean Vision: Reorganizing Enlightenment Discourse and Opening the Exemptive Sublime
  9. Coleridge’s Translucence: A Failed Transcendence?
  10. “Conveying Away the Trash”: Sweetening Slavery in Matthew Lewis’s Journal of a West India Proprietor, Kept during a Residence in the Island of Jamaica


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