Canada's Journal on Refugees
revue canadienne sur les réfugiés

Volume 35, Number 1, 2019 Racialized Refuge Guest-edited by Christopher Kyriakides, Dina Taha, Carlo Handy Charles and Rodolfo D. Torres

Table of contents (13 articles)


  1. Introduction: The Racialized Refugee Regime


  1. Forensic Age Estimation in Swiss Asylum Procedures: Race in the production of age
  2. The Borders of Tropicality
  3. Queer Credibility in the Homonation-State: Interrogating the Affective Impacts of Credibility Assessments on Racialized Sexual Minority Refugee Claimants
  4. Patrouille des frontières nationales et représentations racialisées: Analyse de commentaires en ligne sur les réfugiés syriens au Québec
  5. A "Worthy” Refugee: Cash as a Diagnostic of "Xeno-Racism" and "Bio-Legitimacy"
  6. A Double Punishment: The Context of Postsecondary Access for Racialized Precarious Status Migrant Students in Toronto, Canada

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