Canada's Journal on Refugees
Revue canadienne sur les réfugiés

Volume 37, Number 2, 2021 Special Focus on Humanizing Studies of Refuge and Displacement Focus spécial sur l’humanisation des études sur les réfugiés et les déplacés

Table of contents (20 articles)



  1. Ethical Considerations for Humanizing Refugee Research Trajectories
  2. “Is it Commerce?”: Dehumanization in the Framing of Refugees as Resources
  3. On Refugee Agency, Bio-Politics, and a New World
  4. What Does a Humane Infrastructure for Research Look Like?
  5. Demarcating Boundaries: Against the “Humanitarian Embrace”
  6. The Cautious Politics of “Humanizing” Refugee Research
  7. Humanizing Refugee Research in a Turbulent World


General Articles / Articles généraux

  1. The Resettlement Experiences of Oromo Women Who Entered Canada as Refugees
  2. Soutenir sa famille en contexte de migration forcée en tant que femme syrienne établie au Québec et au Liban : entre vulnérabilités et responsabilités ambivalentes
  3. Training and Integrating Public Service Interpreters in a Refugee Health Clinic: A Mixed-Method Approach to Evaluate an Innovative Program
  4. Academic Persistence for Students Involved in the Accelerated Education Program in Dadaab Refugee Camp
  5. “I Have Big, Big, Big Dream!”: Realigning Instruction with the Language-Learning Needs of Adult Syrians with Refugee Experience in Canada

Book Reviews / Recensions d’ouvrages

Film Review / Comptes-rendus de films


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