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Relations industrielles

Volume 24, Number 2, 1969

Table of contents (23 articles)

  1. The Growth of White-Collar Unionism and Public Policy in Canada
  2. La grève-sans-arrêt-du-travail
  3. The Law and Labour Relations : A Reaction to the Rand Report
  4. Cheminement des carrières de direction dans la fonction publique au Canada
  5. The Reform of British Industrial Relations : The Donovan Report and the Labour Government’s Policy Proposals
  6. Impact of Ethnic differences in the work force in Industrial Relations : A case study
  7. Le rattachement de l’accréditation et de la convention collective à l’entreprise


Droit du travail


  1. Les relations du travail au Canada (Rapport Woods)

Recensions / Book Reviews

  1. Les relations de travail dans l’industrie de la construction, sous la direction de H. Carl Goldenberg et John H.G. Crispo, Association canadienne de la construction, Ottawa, 1969, 763 pages.
  2. Options humanistes, Éditions Économie et Humanisme, Les Éditions Ouvrières, Paris, 1968, 214 pages.
  3. The Mediator : Background, Self-image and Attitudes, Indik and Alii., Institute of Management and Labor Relations, The State University New-Brunswick, New Jersey, 1966, 60 pages.
  4. Collective Bargaining Clauses, Guideline Forms for Use in Labor Negotiations, by Robert C. Knee and Robert C. Knee Jr., The W.H. Anderson Company, Cincinnati, 1967, 224 pages.
  5. Labor Law, vol. I, by Joseph Alton Jenkins, The W. H. Anderson Company, Cincinnati, 1960, 528 pages.
  6. Wages in Practice and Theory, by Robert Ozanne, the University of Wisconsin Press, Madison, 1968, 181 pages.
  7. Manpower Planning for High Talent Personnel, par Eric W. Vetter, Bureau of Industrial Relations, The University of Michigan, 1967, 222 pages.
  8. La mobilité des travailleurs urbains, par L. Hunter et G. Reid, OCDE, Paris, 1968, 239 pages.
  9. The Transition from School to Work, The Princeton Manpower Symposium, May 9-10 1968, Princeton University, New Jersey, 282 pages.
  10. Labor Relations in the Netherlands, par John P. Windmuller, Cornell University Press, Ithaca, New York, 1969, 469 pages.
  11. The Traditionnal Trade of Asia, by G.-G.F. Simkin, London, Oxford University Press, 1968, 417 pages.
  1. Publications récentes
  2. Livres reçus

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