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Relations industrielles

Volume 40, Number 1, 1985

Table of contents (22 articles)


  1. L'OIT et l'élimination de la discrimination dans l'emploi
  2. The 1984 GM Agreement in Canada: Significance and Consequences
  3. Collective Bargaining in Ontario Public Hospitals
  4. La stratégie d'entreprise et la gestion des ressources humaines
  5. Identifying Female Officer Potential: An Exploration in Predictors' Payoff
  6. Trade Unions in Greece
  7. Alberta's Occupational Health and Safety Amendment Act, 1983
  8. In Search of "Industrial Harmony": The Process of Labour Law Reform in Manitoba, 1984
  9. Consequences of not Working Sixteen Months After a Plant Closing
  10. Décisions rendues par le Conseil canadien des relations du travail
  11. Changements dans les législations du travail au Canada

Recensions / Book Reviews

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  9. Larry HIRSCHHORN : Beyond Mechanization : Work and Technology in a Postindustrial Age. Cambridge, MIT Press, 1984, 187 pp., ISBN 0-262-08132-3
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