Relations industrielles
Industrial Relations

Volume 60, Number 1, Winter 2005

Table of contents (16 articles)


  1. Réflexions croisées sur la gestion des compétences en France et en Amérique du Nord
  2. Non-Standard Work and Benefits: Has Anything Changed since the Wallace Report?
  3. Le statut d’emploi : un élément constitutif de la condition sociale ?
  4. Union Networks and Global Unionism in Maritime Shipping
  5. La mesure du contrat psychologique dans un contexte de travail francophone
  6. An Exploratory Study of Graduate Student Unions in Canada

Recensions / Book Reviews

  1. Jobs and Incomes in a Globalizing World by Ajit K. Ghose, Geneva: International Labour Office, 2003, 130 pages, ISBN 92-2-112717-6.
  2. Workplace Equality: International Perspectives on Legislation, Policy and Practice edited by Carol Agocs, The Hagues, The Netherlands: Kluwer Law International, 2002, 290 pages, ISBN 90-411-1843-8.
  3. Working Children Around the World: Child Rights and Child Reality edited by G.K. Lieten, New Delhi: Institute for Human Development, 2004, 200 pages, ISBN 81-88315-08-7.
  4. Are Activation Policies Converging in Europe? The European Employment Strategy for Young People edited by Amparo Serrano Pascual, Brussels: European Trade Union Institute, 2004, 518 pages, ISBN 2-930352-38-8.
  5. Les stratégies des ressources humaines, 3e édition par Bernard Gazier, Paris : Éditions La Découverte, 2004, 122 pages, ISBN 2-7071-4389-8.
  6. Going Public: The Role of Labor-Management Relations in Delivering Quality Government Services edited by Jonathan Brock and David B. Lipsky, Champaign, Illinois: IRRA, 2003, 321 pages, ISBN 0-913447-86-2.
  7. Travail, organisation et santé : le défi de la productivité dans le respect des personnes par Alain Vinet, Québec : Les Presses de l’Université Laval, 2004, 384 pages, ISBN 2-7637-8073-3.
  8. What’s Class Got To Do With It? American Society in the Twenty-First Century edited by Michael Zweig, Ithaca and London: Cornell University Press, 2004, 240 pages, ISBN 0-8014-8899-0.
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