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The Prospects for Greater Enforcement of Teen Employment Laws in Alberta, Canada. “Politically, how do you make it relevant? […] Kill more young people!”Les perspectives d’un renforcement des lois relatives au travail des jeunes en Alberta, Canada. « Comment rendre cela pertinent politiquement? […] en tuant davantage de jeunes! »Las perspectivas de una mejor aplicación de la ley sobre elempleo de adolescentes en Alberta, Canadá. ‘Políticamente, cómo hacer esto sea adecuado? …Matar gente tan joven’.

  • Bob Barnetson

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  • Bob Barnetson
    Associate Professor of Labour Relations, Athabasca University, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Cover of Volume 70, Number 3, Summer 2015, pp. 395-590, Relations industrielles / Industrial Relations

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