Romanticism on the Net

Number 32-33, November 2003, February 2004 Robert Southey Guest-edited by Lynda Pratt

Table of contents (14 articles)

  1. Robert Southey, Writing and Romanticism


  1. “The Renovating Fury”: Southey, Republicanism and Sensationalism
  2. Southey’s “German Sublimity” and Coleridge’s “Dutch Attempt”
  3. “Was it for this [. . .]?”: The Poetic Histories of Southey and Wordsworth
  4. Poetic Hells and Pacific Edens
  5. Thalaba the Destroyer: Southey’s Nationalist “Romance”
  6. Southey, Macaulay and the Idea of a Picturesque History
  7. The Maiden on the Battlefield: War and Estrangement in Southey’s Joan Of Arc
  8. Southey the Epic-Headed


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