Romanticism on the Net

Number 36-37, November 2004, February 2005 Queer Romanticism Guest-edited by Michael O'Rourke and David Collings

Table of contents (19 articles)

  1. Introduction: Queer Romanticisms: Past, Present, and Future


  1. The Horrors of Catholicism: Religion and Sexuality in Gothic Fiction
  2. Romantic Labouring-Class Pastoral as Eco-Queer Camp
  3. “Prey to some cureless disquiet”: Polidori’s Queer Vampyre at the Margins of Romanticism
  4. Reification and the Dandy: Beppo, Byron, and other Queer Things
  5. Some of my Best Friends are Romanticists: Shelley and the Queer Project in Romanticism
  6. The Sexuality of Authorship in The Monk
  7. “The Success of Gentleness”: Homosocial Desire and the Homosexual Personality in the Novels of William Godwin
  8. Darsie Latimer’s “Little Solidity,” or the Case for Homosexuality in Scott’s Redgauntlet
  9. “Extraordinary Female Affection”: The Ladies of Llangollen and the Endurance of Queer Community
  10. Effeminacy, Masculinity, and Homosocial Bonds: The (Un)Intentional Queering of John Keats
  11. The Emancipation of the Flesh: The Legacy of Romanticism in the Homosexual Rights Movement


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