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Romanticism on the Net

Number 38-39, May 2005 Transatlantic Romanticism Guest-edited by Joel Pace, Lance Newman and Chris Koenig-Woodyard

Table of contents (12 articles)

  1. Introduction: Introducing Transatlantic Romanticism


  1. Textual Surveillance, Social Codes, and Sublime Voices: The Tyranny of Narrative in Caleb Williams and Wieland
  2. Margaret Fuller’s Summer on the Lakes, in 1843 and the Condition of America
  3. “[O]ur American kinsman”: British Nationalism and Book Reviews of American Literature in the 1840s
  4. Beatrice Cenci in Hawthorne, Melville and her Atlantic-Rim Contexts
  5. “Sleep No More” Again: Melville's Rewriting of Book X of Wordsworth's Prelude
  6. Finding Herself Alone: Emily Dickinson, Victorian Women Novelists, and the Female Subject


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