Revue Organisations & territoires

Managing editor(s): Jeanne Simard (Directrice)


Organisations & territoires is a journal that specializes in organizational sciences, particularly the organization of sub-national territories in Quebec and Canada. Its primary subjects are management, innovation and development. Its niche among its competitors lies in how it makes research accessible for the general public. Its objective is to disseminate  on a relatively large scale research results that have already been well established.


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Editorial board

Jeanne Simard
Directrice de la revue, UQAC

Comité d’orientation
Brahim Meddeb, UQAC
Marc-Urbain Proulx, UQAC
Jean-Philippe Pouliot, UQAC

Comité de rédaction
Myriam Ertz, UQAC
Danièle Bordeleau, Université Senghor
Guy Chiasson, UQO
Marie-Josée Fortin, UQAR
Bruno Jean, UQAR 
Christophe Leyrie, UQAC
Marie-Claude Prémont, ENAP
Benoît-Mario Papillon, UQTR
Richard Shearmur, McGill
Martin Simard, UQAC
Diane St-Pierre, INRS-UCS
Suzanne Tremblay, UQAC