Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 2, Number 1, Winter 1977

Table of contents (14 articles)

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    Leo Simpson and the Comic Moment
    An Approximation of Poetry: The Short Stories of John Metcalf
    Nets and Chaos: The Poetry of Michael Ondaatje
    Malcolm's Katie: Love, Wealth, and Nation Building
    The Creative Process: An Introduction to Time and Space in Malcolm Lowry's Fiction
    Psychology and Myth in The Manticore
    Relocating The New Ancestors

Notes and Commentaries

    Subscription Publishing and the Booktrade in the Eighties: The Invasion of Ontario
    Leonard Cohen's Poems-Songs
    The Unpublished and Revised Poems of Charles Sangster
    Who Killed Boy Staunton: An Astrological Witness Reports
    Dr. Jung at the Site of Blood: A Note on Blown Figures
    The Critic Criticized: A Reply to Bruce MacDonald
    Lampman Could Tell his Frog from his Toad: A Note on Art versus Nature

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