Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 3, Number 1, Winter 1978

Table of contents (14 articles)

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    Communication and History: Themes in Innis and Laurence
    A.J.M. Smith: Of Metaphysics and Dry Bones
    Better Quick Than Dead: Anne Wilkinson's Poetry
    "Every Man's Judgement": Robertson Davies' Courtroom
    The Platonic Heritage in Under the Volcano
    Beyond Realism: Raymond Knister's White Narcissus
    Morley Callaghan and the New Colonialism: The New Sureme Individual in Traditionless Society
    Ideology and Poetry: An Examination of Some Recent Trends in Canadian Criticism

Notes and Commentaries

    Development in the Early Poetry of Raymond Souster
    Point of View in White Narcissus
    The Dark Covert of the Mind: Wacousta
    Woman as Everyman in Atwood's Surfacing: Some Observations on the End of the Novel
    The Manticore: Psychology and Fictional Technique
    Malcom's Katie: Alfred as Nihilist not Rapist

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