Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 16, Number 2, Summer 1991

Table of contents (12 articles)

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    The Biggest Modern Woman of the World: Canada as an Absent Spouse
    i, a mother / i am other: L'Amér and the Matter of Mater
    La révision postcoloniale de l'Histoire et l'exemple réaliste magique de François Barcelo
    Izak and Ishmael: A.M. Klein's Zionist Poetry and the Palestinian Conflict
    What the Crow Said: A Topos of Excess
    History or His/Story? The Explorer Cum Author
    Wind in August: Les Fous de Bassan's Reply to Faulkner
    Elizabeth Smart's Novel-Journal
    "Green Yet Free of Seasons": Gwendolyn MacEwen and the Mystical Tradition of Canadian Poetry
    Subjectivité et métamorphoses des acteurs féminins dans Les Enfantômes de Réjean Ducharme
    Borderline Magic: Janette Turner Hospital and Transfiguration by Photography


    Tall Tales from a Genteel Hoodlum: The Artful Exaggerations of Bill Gaston

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