Studies in Canadian Literature

Volume 18, Number 1, Winter 1993

Table of contents (10 articles)

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    A Map of Misreading: Gender, Identity, and Freedom in Robert Kroetsch's Gone Indian
    Les canadianismes sous l'éclairage bakhtinien: Quatre emplois différents de pantoute dans Le Salut de l'Irlande de Jacques Ferron
    "I am Not I," You are Not Me, We are Not Us: Addressivity and the Status of Reference in Malcolm Lowry's Hear Us O Lord
    Du lieu de création en Acadie: Entre le trop-plein et nulle part
    Ex-Centricity: Michael Ondaatje's In the Skin of a Lion and Hugh MacLennan's Barometer Rising
    Le pastiche pastiché: Une lecture de 37 1/2 AA de Louise Leblanc
    "Her Blood is Mingled with Her Ancient Foes": The Concepts of Blood, Race and 'Miscegenation' in the Poetry and Short Fiction of Duncan Campbell Scott
    Une écriture qui célèbre la tradition orale: Pélagie-la-Charette d'Antonine Maillet
    Baler Twine: Thoughts on Ravens, Home, and Nature Poetry


    Floyd Flavel: "They Thought Ahead Seven Generations"

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