Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 22, Number 1, Winter 1997

Table of contents (7 articles)

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    Firing the Regional Can(n)on: Liberal Pluralism, Social Agency, and David Adams Richards's Miramichi Trilogy
    "The English Patient Reposed in his Bed like a [Fisher?] King": Elements of Grail Romance in Ondaatje's The English Patient
    Myriam Première de Francine Noël : La Patrimoine du Féminin et la Réécriture de l'Histoire Nationale
    "To Keep What Was Good and Pass it on": George Elliott's Small Town Memorial, The Kissing Man
    Staging That Summer in Paris: Narrative Strategies and Theatrical Techniques in the Life Writing of Morley Callaghan


    «Écrire Pour Vivre» : Marie Laberge, Dramaturge
    Listening With Courtesy: A Conversation with Tim Lilburn