Studies in Canadian Literature / Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 40, Number 2, 2015

Table of contents (14 articles)

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  1. “A Science of Uncertainty”: Bioethics, Narrative Competence, and Turning to the “What If” of Fiction
  2. “True Stories,” Real Lives: Canada Reads 2012 and the Effects of Reading Memoir in Public
  3. Speculative Solutions: The Development of Environmental and Ecofeminist Discourse in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam
  4. Good Enough, Bad Enough, Animal, Monster: Mothers in Alice Munro’s The Love of a Good Woman
  5. “The Unavoidable Collision of Religion and Life”: Scots Presbyterianism in Alice Munro’s Fiction
  6. Returning to the Kaswéntah River: A Trans-Indigenous Reading of Land-Centred Citizenship in Thomas King’sTruth and Bright Water
  7. Forests, Clearings, and the Spaces in Between: Reading Land Claims and the Actuality of Context in Ana Historic
  8. “Fugitive Visions”:: Cultural Pseudomemory and the Death of the Indigenous Child in the Indian Poems of Duncan Campbell Scott
  9. Exile beyond Return: Zionism and Diaspora in A.M. Klein’s Journalism
  10. French Fascism and History in “Speck’s Idea”
  11. Unless: A Covert Post-Colonial and Transnational Gothic Novel, Or The Haunted House (of Fiction) Is Falling Apart


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