Studies in Canadian Literature
Études en littérature canadienne

Volume 44, Number 2, 2019 Resurfacing: Women Writing in 1970s Canada Refaire surface : écrivaines canadiennes des années 1970

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  1. Écrivaines canadiennes des années 1970

Articles / Articles

  1. Recognition, or the Depressive Pleasure of Reading Surfacing
  2. The “Great Game”; Archives and Canadian Literature in the 1960s and 1970s: Margaret Laurence and McMaster University’s William Ready
  3. Des « déchets humains » : esthétique trash et partage du sensible chez Margaret Laurence
  4. Scratching the Surface: Marian Engel’s 1970s Writing
  5. Exposing the Eugenic Reader: Maria Campbell’s Halfbreed and Settler Self-Education
  6. A Documentary Film on Fire: Les terribles vivantes/Firewords
  7. L’Acayenne des années 1970 : quand les femmes (s’)écrivent
  8. La réécriture, ou renverser la perspective : évangéline Deusse d’Antonine Maillet
  9. “But the Good Feelings Were There Too”: Care and Hospitality in Adele Wiseman’s Crackpot
  10. Lola Montez, c’est moi; or, Francesca Replayed
  11. Perfect Mismatch: Gwendolyn MacEwen and the Flat Earth Society
  12. Revisiting Sylvia Fraser’s Pandora: Girlhood, Body, and Language
  13. The Intertextual Condition: Vancouver Poems and the Development of Daphne Marlatt’s Archival Poetics
  14. The Progress of Writing in Alice Munro’s “The Office”
  15. “A Troublesome Weed Which Spreads Like Wildfire”: Fireweed: a feminist quarterly and the Politics of Diversity
  16. Feminist Anthologizing: Women and Words: The Anthology/Les femmes et les mots: Une anthologie
  17. Toward a Feminist Archival Ethics of Accountability: Researching with the Aritha van Herk Fonds

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