Theatre Research in Canada / Recherches Théâtrales Au Canada

Volume 38, Number 1, 2017

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  1. Introduction : Paradigm Shifts
  2. Présentation : : un changement de paradigme


  1. Ryga, Miss Donohue, and Me : Forty Years of The Ecstasy of Rita Joe in the University
  2. An Effigy of Empire : A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Canadian Imperial Nationalism During the Second Boer War
  3. Staging the International Embrace : George Leslie Mackay Narratives on Taiwanese Stages
  4. Un surtitrage fonctionnel, artistique ou intermédial ? : Réalités théâtrales multilingues à l’ère numérique
  5. Restaging Indigenous—Settler Relations : Intercultural Theatre as Redress Rehearsal in Marie Clements’s and Rita Leistner’s The Edward Curtis Project


  1. “Having a whole lot of show going on” : Diasporic Caribbean Theatre in Toronto

Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus

  1. Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus / Kathleen Gallagher and Barry Freeman, eds. In Defence of Theatre: Aesthetic Practices and Social Interventions. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016. 316 pp.
  2. Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus / Jordan Tannahill Theatre of the Unimpressed: In Search of Vital Drama. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2015. 160 pp.
  3. Book Revies/Comptes Rendus / Louis Patrick Leroux and Charles R Batson, Eds. Cirque Global: Quebec’s Expanding Circus Boundaries. Montreal & Kingston: McGill-Queens UP, 2016. 363 pp.
  4. Book Reviews/Comptes Rendus / David Fancy, Et Al. Diversities in Actor Training. Brock University, 2016,

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