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Urban History Review
Revue d'histoire urbaine

Volume 15, Number 3, February 1987

Table of contents (22 articles)


  1. "Building Today for the Womanhood of Tomorrow": Businessmen, Boosters, and the YWCA, 1890-1930
  2. Le logement et les enjeux de la transformation de l’espace urbain : Montréal, 1940-1960. Deuxième partie
  3. Regional Urban History: A Statistical and Cartographic Survey of Huron and Southern Bruce Counties, 1864-1981

Research Notes / Notes des recherches

  1. The Contours of Canadian Urban Justice, 1830-1875
  2. Canadian Municipalities and Conditions of Fiscal Austerity in International Perspective: A Report and Some Observations
  3. Industry in Ontario Urban Centres, 1870
  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs
  2. Notes and Comments: Planning History Group Luncheon; Atlantic Canada Newspaper Survey; New Medieval Slides from Toronto; Conferences; Publications

Book Notes / Notes bibliographiques

Book Reviews / Comptes rendus

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