Atlantic Geology

Volume 24, numéro 1, april 1988

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  1. Metamorphism of Meguma group metasedimentary rocks, Whitehead Harbour area, Guysborough County, Nova Scotia
  2. Late Devonian peraluminous granitic plutons in the Canso area, eastern Meguma Terrane, Nova Scotia
  3. Petrology of the Shelburne and Barrington Passage plutons, southern Nova Scotia
  4. Petrology of the zoned, peraluminous Halifax Pluton, south-central Nova Scotia
  5. The role of airborne gamma-ray spectrometry in bedrock mapping and mineral exploration: case studies from granitc rocks within the Meguma Zone, Nova Scotia
  6. The provenance of tills overlying the eastern part of the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia
  7. Primary and secondary structural features in the eastern portion of the South Mountain Batholith, southwestern Nova Scotia: implications form regional stress orientations during intrusion
  8. An occurence of metasomatic aujminosilicates related to high alumina hydrothermal alteration within the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia
  9. Crystal-melt ± fluid equilibria versus late-stage fluid - rock interaction in granitoid rocks of the South Mountian Batholith, Nova Scotia: whole rock geochemistry and oxygen isotope evidence
  10. A textural and chemical study of white mica in the South Mountain Batholith, Nova Scotia: primary versus secondary origin

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