Atlantic Geology

Volume 29, numéro 1, march 1993

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    Late Quaternary sedimentation and the postglacial sea-level minimum in Port au Port Bay and vicinity, west Newfoundland
    Tectonic significance of Late Paleozoic deformation in the Cape George Peninsula, Antigonish Highlands, Nova Scotia
    A re-interpretation of the "Bateman Brook Metamorphic Suite", Cape Breton Highlands, Nova Scotia, as sheared, fault-bounded blocks of other units
    REE patterns as a tool for recognition of diagenetic beds: a case from the Lower Devonian Upper Gaspé Limestones, Gaspé Peninsula, Québec
    Ichnology of the Palaeogene Richmond Formation of eastern Jamaica - the final chapter?
    Occurrence of the Cambrian trace fossil Oldhamia in southern Quebec