Atlantic Geology

Volume 35, numéro 3, 1999

Sommaire (6 articles)


  1. A predatory Rusophycus burrow from the Cambrian of southern New Brunswick, eastern Canada
  2. Vertebrate trackways in the Parrsboro Formation (upper Carboniferous) at Rams Head, Cumberland County, Nova Scotia
  3. A Late Neoproterozoic age for a tonalite dyke in the Boisdale Hills, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia
  4. NW-oriented features on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean: evidence for a Paleozoic collision that formed the Labrador-Biscay wrench fault zone?
  5. The stratigraphic significance of trace fossils from the Lower Paleozoic Baskahegan Lake Formation near Woodstock, west-central New Brunswick


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