Atlantic Geology
Journal of the Atlantic Geoscience Society
Revue de la Société Géoscientifique de l'Atlantique

Volume 49, 2013

Sommaire (13 articles)


  1. Slope Failure Hazard in the Atlantic Provinces: A Review
  2. Whole-rock chemical and Nd isotopic composition of a Late Proterozoic metasedimentary sequence in Ganderia: Kellys Mountain, Bras d’Or terrane, Nova Scotia, Canada
  3. Alleghanian deformation of Cambrian metasedimentary rocks on Avalonia in south-central Rhode Island, USA
  4. Donald Baird and his discoveries of Carboniferous and early Mesozoic vertebrates in Nova Scotia
  5. Medusaegraptus (Chlorophyta, Dasycladales) from the Pridolian to middle Lochkovian Indian Point Formation, New Brunswick, Canada
  6. Re-Os geochronological constraints on the mineralizing events within the Mount Pleasant Caldera: implications for the timing of sub-volcanic magmatism
  7. Beach Morphological Dynamics at Cocos Bay (Manzanilla), Trinidad
  8. Engineering properties of fine-grained estuarine sediments in the Saint John River Valley at Fredericton, NB
  9. Rickard Hill Facies of the Schoharie Formation (Lower Devonian) Glacial Erratics from the Preakness Formation (Lower Jurassic) of High Mountain, Passaic County, New Jersey


  1. Compression map: Improved means for studying Carboniferous foliage


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