Canadian Journal of Higher Education

Volume 49, numéro 3, 2019

Sommaire (11 articles)


  1. The Role of University Crown Foundations in Higher Education Policy: A Cross-Canada Study (1984–1998)
  2. Responsibility Center Budgeting as a Mechanism to Deal with Academic Moral Hazard
  3. Earnings Differences among Senior University Administrators: Evidence by Gender and Academic Field
  4. Policy Analysis of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Strategies in Canadian Universities – How Far Have We Come?
  5. L’incidence du milieu d’études sur les possibilités de choix de femmes autochtones : typologie de parcours scolaires
  6. Ethno-linguistic patterns of degree completion in BC universities: How important are high-school academic achievement and institution of entry?
  7. Sexual Violence on University Campuses: Differences and Similarities in the Experiences of Students, Professors and Employees
  8. Gender and the Faculty Care Gap: “The Obvious Go-To Person” for Canadian University Students’ Personal Problems
  9. Perceptions of Institutional Teaching Culture by Tenured, Tenure-track, and Sessional Faculty

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