Volume 8, numéro 1, 2017

Sommaire (8 articles)

  1. Editor’s Introduction / Introduction de l’équipe éditoriale

Research  / Articles de fond

  1. Measuring Out Life in Coffee Spoons: Canadian Literary Breakfasts
  2. My Food Guide, Their Food Guide: diversity and personalization in Canada’s national dietary guidelines

Say It Like You Eat It  / Le Manger et Le Dire

  1. In the Digital Age, is There Still a Place for the Supermarket Flyer?
  2. Le chant furtif de l’huître
  3. Carnicero

Book Reviews  / Comptes rendus critiques

  1. The Food and Folklore Reader, Lucy M. Long (editor), Bloomsbury Academic, 2015, 467 p.
  2. Some Useful Wild Plants: A Foraging Guide to Food and Medicine from Nature, Dan Jason, Harbour Publishing, 2017, 192 p.