Canadian University Music Review
Revue de musique des universités canadiennes

Numéro 13, 1993

Sommaire (16 articles)

  1. Erratum
  2. Heinrich Schütz's Musikalische Exequien: Evidence of Influence
  3. La musique de chambre de Darius Milhaud
  4. Recordare – Never to Forget
  5. Thin Partitions: Remembrance and Reflection in Alfred Fisher's Zakhor: Remember
  6. The Magic Wand of the Wagnerians: Musik als Ausdruck
  7. Group Investigation in Music Instruction: A Pedagogical Scenario
  8. Anton Webern's Six Pieces for Orchestra: A Comparison of the Two Published Versions
  9. From Point to Sphere: Spatial Organization of Sound in Contemporary Music (after 1950)

Reviews / Comptes rendus

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