Canadian University Music Review

Volume 19, numéro 2, 1999 Canadian Perspectives in Ethnomusicology Perspectives canadiennes en ethnomusicologie Sous la direction de Beverley Diamond et Robert Witmer

Sommaire (13 articles)

  1. Introduction: Canadian Perspectives in Ethnomusicology

Issues of Cultural Production

  1. Origins and Distinctions of the "World Music" and "World Beat" Designations
  2. The Cult of the Folk: Ideas and Strategies after Ernest Gagnon
  3. Classification Systems, Social Hierarchies, and Gender: Examining Indian "Light-Classical" Music
  4. Backyard World/Canadian Culture: Looking at Festival Agendas

Issues of Music Performance

  1. Tros, Tevodas, and Haircuts: Ritual, Music, and Performance in Khmer Wedding Ceremonies
  2. Multiple Meanings: The Role of Black Gospel in an Interracial and Multi-Ethnic Edmonton Church
  3. Dancing with the Divine(r): Batá Drumming, Ifá Divination, and Orisha Worship in Cuba

Issues of Mediation and Reception

  1. Le « dynamisme » d’une tradition : la danse à tambour chez les Dènès (Canada, Territoires du Nord-Ouest)
  2. First Nations Popular Music in Canada: Musical Meaning and the Politics of Identity
  3. Articulations of Locality: Portraits and Narratives from the Toronto-Cuban Musicscape
  4. "Chinese Harmony" and Contemporary Non-Tonal Music Theory
  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs