Canadian University Music Review

Volume 19, Number 2, 1999 Canadian Perspectives in Ethnomusicology Perspectives canadiennes en ethnomusicologie Guest-edited by Beverley Diamond and Robert Witmer

Table of contents (13 articles)

  1. Introduction: Canadian Perspectives in Ethnomusicology

Issues of Cultural Production

  1. Origins and Distinctions of the "World Music" and "World Beat" Designations
  2. The Cult of the Folk: Ideas and Strategies after Ernest Gagnon
  3. Classification Systems, Social Hierarchies, and Gender: Examining Indian "Light-Classical" Music
  4. Backyard World/Canadian Culture: Looking at Festival Agendas

Issues of Music Performance

  1. Tros, Tevodas, and Haircuts: Ritual, Music, and Performance in Khmer Wedding Ceremonies
  2. Multiple Meanings: The Role of Black Gospel in an Interracial and Multi-Ethnic Edmonton Church
  3. Dancing with the Divine(r): Batá Drumming, Ifá Divination, and Orisha Worship in Cuba

Issues of Mediation and Reception

  1. Le « dynamisme » d’une tradition : la danse à tambour chez les Dènès (Canada, Territoires du Nord-Ouest)
  2. First Nations Popular Music in Canada: Musical Meaning and the Politics of Identity
  3. Articulations of Locality: Portraits and Narratives from the Toronto-Cuban Musicscape
  4. "Chinese Harmony" and Contemporary Non-Tonal Music Theory
  1. Contributors / Collaborateurs