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Volume 16, numéro 3, september 1989

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    Tectonic, magmatic and metallogenic evolution of the Early Proterozoic Cape Smith Thrust Belt: Preface / Evolution tectonique, magmatique et métallogénique au protérozoïque inférieur de la Ceinture de Chevauchement du Cap Smith: Préface
    Evidence for the development of oceanic crust and for continental rifting in the tectonostratigraphy of the Early Proterozoic Cape Smith Belt
    Structural evolution of the Cape Smith Belt from initial thrusting to basement-involved folding
    U-Pb geochronology of the Cape Smith Belt and Sugluk block, northern Quebec
    Geotectonic evolution by asymmetric rifting of the Proterozoic Cape Smith Belt, New Quebec
    Tectonic setting of Ni-Cu-PGE deposits in the central part of the Cape Smith Belt
    Alkaline rocks from a Proterozoic volcanic island in the Cape Smith Thrust Belt, New Quebec
    Pétrologie des filons-couches différenciés Roméo 1 et 2 dans la partie centrale de la bande du Cap Smith
    The 1998 Ma Purtuniqophiolite: imbricated and metamorphosed oceanic crust in the Cape Smith Thrust Belt, northern Quebec
    Geochemical constraints on the origin of mafic rocks from the Cape Smith Belt
    P-T conditions of metamorphism inferred from the metabasites of the Cape Smith Belt, northern Quebec
    Tectonic controls on the thermal evolution of the Cape Smith Thrust Belt
    Shear zone softening at the base of the Cape Smith Belt: implications for the rheological evolution of thrust belts
    Methods in Quaternary Ecology #8. Non-marine Molluscs
    Serpentine seamounts of Pacific fore-arcs drilled by the Ocean Drilling Program: Dr. Hess would be pleased
    Methods In Quaternary Ecology #9. Fungi

Conference Reports / Compte rendus de réunions

    The Algonquin Arch, Southern Ontario: A CCDP Workshop Report

Positions Available

    Positions Available

Features / Rubriques

    Active Earth: : Rain-induced Landslides in the Canadian Cordillera, July 1988

Secretary's Report / Rapport du Secretaire

    Secretary's Report : May 1988 - May 1989